One Assignment

What I have learned this semester so far is that:

Smart cities is a movement in where all the technology is being applied in our cities, the intention of this is to improve our lifestyle and life’s quality. However nowadays we are losing our privacy, data that must be personal is being used by people and organizations that we don’t know and this could probably affect us in a near future. Maybe because we are not as safe as we think.

The following citites have shown advancements as smart cities:

  • Louisville, KY: After sensors were installed on asthma inhalers to alert patients of bad air quality and help them track their asthma attacks, emergency inhaler use dropped by 82 percent in one year.
  • Beijing: Air pollution levels fell 20 percent after the city deployed sensors to monitor pollution sources and adjusted traffic flows and construction projects accordingly.
  • Dallas, TX: A pilot project providing west-end businesses with pedestrian traffic data boosted foot traffic in the neighbourhood by 13 percent, increased revenue at area merchants by 12 percent and reduced local crime by six percent.
  • Kansas City, MO: Public access to real-time data on parking availability, traffic patterns and streetcar locations (combined with the installation of intelligent streetlights, info kiosks and free Wi-Fi) saves the city an estimated $4 million per year in operational and energy costs.

Data is intended to be used as one of the main factors to develop something related with traffic, pollution, public transport, communication, surveillance, etc. On the other hand, as I have mentioned this data may be used inappropriately.

We have to start taking care of ourselves, specially every time we are doing something personal, because now there are cameras in every part of the city, so we have no privacy in simple terms.

Cities are ranked in two categories: Champs and Challengers. Champs have almost complete fibre coverage all around the city and have reached maturity in the smart projects that have been deployed. These cities generally have a fairly complete smart city framework in place across different areas as well as operational smart projects.

Challengers are cities that are actively deploying fibre infrastructure in order to realise their smart city strategy, but don’t yet have a full panel of smart services based on fibre. Instead, the focus is on specific domains.


“Think You’re Discreet Online? Think Again”

I think that we must take specially care when we post stuff on social media, because nowadays is very common, as it is said to be predicted by third parties, to share pics or stuff with your friends or family.

It is dangerous that companies such as Facebook actually knows when you are happy or depressed, because they will predict at what time you may feel happy or sad again.

We must be more aware of our acts.


I think that the course went very well, maybe content which is actually more related with the topic would help. Maybe more talks with people which have experience in this field or in the field that is being talked could help a lot.

In all the other things that we saw, they went pretty well.



Blog 10

So, I think writing about something that inspires you or something that is relevant to you is one of the keys to write a blog with enough self-confidence, maybe you will get critics from different people, but when you write something that you consider good, you will feel pretty good as well.

It is important to be open minded for accepting advises, on the other hand it is important as well to take care about what you are writing, don’t hesitate in critics and trust in you about what you write.

week 9

I think that maybe the world now has taken our privacy and all our information. He advertised in the movie that the people must think more about if they should do something instead of trying to prove that they actually could do something.

The lesson is about consider to use the technology for improving our lives but with the awareness necessary for not damaging the world and the live from others.

Week 8

Personally I think that Waze is a very useful app, however Waze must consider to inform every user that the information of them is being used for third parties or for an external use. The information will be gathered, but at least all the people which use Waze will be aware of that.

Smart surveillance

I think that the actual consecuences about the surveillance are that third parties retrieve all your personal and you don’t know what they will do with that information. Maybe we just want to be safe all the time and we allow the world to know where are we and who we are.

At this moment, all can we do is to take some important preventive actions.

According to internet, seeking a middle ground between the societal benefits afforded by big data and the resulting loss of privacy and autonomy, academics have proposed a number of solutions.Deakin argues that “smart cities” are not simply those that utilize ICT, but where such intelligence is tailored to meet the needs of citizens through community and environmental drivers.

There is an article about how to stop it.